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How to Take your Face Book Marketing to a Deeper Level..Part 2

In my opinion the whole key to success in social networking is turning strangers into friends and friends into business partners and/or perhaps customers. I am tempted to go on a rant here but I will restrain myself. I am not the only one saying this so if this sounds redundant that's because it probably is but I feel it is worth repeating.

The problem is most of us don't want to take the time to build relationships. We would rather believe that somehow people clicking on our affiliate link by way of Google adwords or pay per click is the answer. That some company or automated system we pay money for will quickly build us an income by delivering hits to our website. But hits to our website or affiliate link in my opinion are nothing more than tire kickers at a car lot. People who are curious but not really serious.

Having tried all of these methods in the past and measuring it with the current success I am having on Face Book and recently Twitter I can say without hesitation that social networking will wipe the floor with any method out there when it comes to finding customers or people to be in business with you.

If you do the right things DAILY. If you have the right attitude.

The following is a list of things you should be doing daily:

1) Build Your Friend List

Like I said a lot of this is going to be redundant perhaps yet there are still people that can't seem to even get started doing this. If you have no friends or people you are following how can you possibly expect to go forward in the social networking arena. This is not the place to be quiet and lay back and wait for something to happen. Like my hockey coach used to say "get out there and make something happen boys"

2) Genuinely Make Friends with Your List

I am starting to see that it makes no sense to have tons of friends and not know very many of them at all. The more people I connect with and care about on whatever level the more the hits to my blog goes up. I didn't join twitter for a long time because I couldn't see the connection between listening to all the little things of people's lives and how that translated into business partners but now I do. Does that mean I sign up everyone to my program. Of course not. What it does mean is I suddenly have tons of people who know me and who may just help me in one way or another. Face Book and Twitter really is like a giant party.

3) Post Interesting Content

Even if you don't have a blog at this point (but you really should) you can still post good interesting content on your face book page. It might take a little searching around to find content you are excited about but as I have mentioned before it doesn't have to be your content if you don't write well or do videos. Most of us out there who write articles, do videos, or podcasts are thrilled that you want to use our content. Just give a mention back to our website and anything is fair game for you to use in most cases. There have been times when I have slowed up on this a bit and wondered why I wasn't getting any action to my blog. In a nutshell "he who doeth nothing getteth nowhere" is the slap in the teeth I needed.

4) Keep Chatting it UP

You may want to set a goal of getting to know 5 to 10 people a week or even more if you're aggressive in your efforts. Imagine where you will be friend wise down the road six months. Remember friends have friends and so on and so on..well you get it. Eventually someone stumbles onto you that is right for your product or business by way of your friends.

5) Stop Barfing Your Business at People

It doesn't seem to matter how many articles I write or how many times it gets said there are still people that can't seem to stop this idiotic approach. I have discovered there are many different forms of barfers. Chronic barfers, under the table barfers, sucker punch barfers, brain dead barfers, my business is the only business barfers, this is the me universe barfers..etc. In case you don't know what barfing is it is someone who can't talk about anything until they burp up their business opportunity at you. They haven't bothered to get to know you and they don't care who you are. You don't even have to ask them about it because they are just looking for an opening to puke at you at some point.

Here is the end of the matter.


There that should settle it (probably won't even scratch the surface on this problem though)

Lastly don't get discouraged and start buying into all the crap floating around out there. Networking is not a sales business or a numbers game or even a million hits to your website.

Although it is important to do a certain number of tasks a day as I mentioned above it is still all about building a good reputation.

People need to find value by connecting with you. Do this and you are a brand people can trust.

Your sales and business partners will show up and you may not even know where or how.

Your Home Business. How not to be part of the 90% That Fail

Lately I have been running into a lot people here on Face Book that are being lead astray from the truth. Possibly because they haven't been on the internet very long. I thought maybe I would share a few of my thoughts on this being from the school of hard knocks.

The first thing you need to understand about the internet is that you are going to run into more exaggerated crap than you can shake a stick at. You can go ahead and sign up for everything if you want to and lose a lot of money like I did. I invite you however, to learn from my wounds instead.

I'm going to need you to go ahead and stop being enticed by companies that promise HUGE overnight success and you won't have to do a thing. "Just sit back" they say "it's all automated". Although most companies have some kind of autoresponders for you to fool around with this is not the issue.

I can't tell you how many opportunities I joined on impulse because I believed the testimonies or was told I wouldn't have to do anything. That the magic spillover ferry would stop by and visit me . "Every one is joining this so don't be left out" they warned. "Just get in on the ground level" I was advised.

The truth is that when you attract people that don't want to do anything guess what happens to your magic spillover and your perfect world scenario. It disappears because your upline was told they didn't have to do anything either. Not real hard to figure this one out but I went for it over and over. The fact is most companies don't teach people how to mentor at all. I shouldn't say all as there may be a few exceptions.

The question then becomes whether or not you can afford to stay in their program long enough to be in profit.

Most of my experience has been that the magic spillover ferry will be flying off into the sunset with your wallet looking back and winking at you with a smirk on his evil little face.

People need to stop thinking that they have to generate leads and be recruiters. You need to be a sponsor and a mentor. Is the system you are considering something easy to duplicate? In other words can you see your self doing it? Can you afford it? If the guy bringing you on board is full of greed and ego why is that a good thing? Chances are that's all he can show you how to be also.

If you want a name, an email, and a phone number of somebody who filled out a business opportunity capture page then join one of the free lead opportunities I have on my blog. You can have 1250 a week for nothing if you want. You can call them or email them with your business opportunity if this sounds like fun.

If you can stand cold calling and all that face to face rejection.
Not saying it doesn't work but most people I know would rather die than do this(my wife especially).

Load them into your autoresponder and see how many simply delete your email and block you from ever communicating with them again. You may have some success but probably it will be dismal. How do I know this? Because I did it for years. It is very ineffective and time consuming to say the least.

Eventually you will come to the conclusion "This ain't working" or as doctor Phil would say " how's that working out for you". The truth is people want to join people they know, like, and trust. They can't know you very well if all you do is email them can they now?

Very rarely will anyone sign up to your business just because they stumbled on your link in an email or clicked on your ad in Google adwords or a free classified ad. Ask yourself if you would do it? You probably deleted quite a few business opportunities emails today alone didn't you? Come on now..fess up!

If however you collect their name and email and then contact them in the hope of mentoring I guess I can understand that. I don't know why you don't just go to Face Book from the start where 235,000,000 leads are and start there for FREE? This is just been my experience to date and why I steer away from anything telling me I have to be positioned to get lots of clicks to my website. It is not the clicks that count but the follow up I do or rather the people skills I possess. Isn't it? Unless of course you just want to sign up a bunch of people take the money and run. Then maybe leading with your business is good.

The more I discover about social networking the more I understand that network marketing is not a sales game but a teaching and mentoring calling. If you don't get excited about someone else's success because of what you taught them then you are wrong for network marketing. Maybe you should move on to something else.

Tie Your Face Book Account into Your Blog

I wanted to share some of the viral success I have been having lately using social networking. In all the years I have been writing I have never seen the number of reads for my articles build up so quickly. I am able to track this at Ezine Articles and it seems to me it has tripled.

The primary reason is the number of people I have been making friends with on Face Book. One individual after reading my article passed it on to 50 people. Who knows where it went from there. Write a decent article and it seems it will get to everyone.

It has been said that Face Book is a party and your blog is your home.

It seems some of you don't have a home yet and I want to encourage you.

Face Book is where you chat and mingle and get to know people on one level but your blog is where you invite people to know you on a more intimate level.

Don't be like the guy at the party who stands in the corner and won't talk to anyone.

I don't know if everyone realizes it but a blog will be crawled by the search engines spiders that are hungry for content. If you want to know if your blog has a presence on the Internet simply plug in the name of your blog and your name into Google and see what comes up. The same can be done for any article you have written by simply putting the "title of your article" in quotations in the Google search bar.

Personally I like to use blogger as my blog choice for a few reasons and here are a few things I suggest you should do if you use blogger.

1) Do change your blog template from time to time

There a number of templates to amuse you if you get bored with one. Simply click on layout and then choose a template. You can preview it before you publish it and commit to it. I find that lighter backgrounds with darker print are easiest on the eyes. You can fool around with colors, fonts, or style of writing at any time on any template.

2) Do post a banner for your business on your blog

This is done by pasting your html code from your banner in the blogger back office. First click layout and then add a gadget. Next select html/javascript and paste it in there. Give it a title and click save. Also create a badge from Face Book and add it to your blog. You will find this on the bottom left of your profile page at Face Book.

3) Do have a You tube area

If YouTube is the number 3 most visited website (and Face Book is number five) getting billions of hits a day it will pay you to take advantage of this traffic. Have a YouTube area on your blog where people can watch videos. You do this by once again clicking add a gadget and then add video bar. Don't check off anything in the set up area. Only select the topic of the videos you want to rotate on your blog in the keyword area. Punch in the keywords and leave it alone.

4) Do post to your blog regularly

This freaks a lot of people out because they feel they have no content to use. If this is the case don't sweat it. Simply use other people's content. Go to Ezine Articles and poke around. Every article there can be republished as long as you keep the links from the author in tact on your blog. There isn't an article writer with Ezine Articles that doesn't want you to post his article on your blog. Take advantage of this. Just remember to keep the author and his links on your blog post and you know longer have to fuss about having no content. If you do write articles remember your posts are sent to the search engines each time you do.

5) Do embrace other blogs that are similar to yours

If you tie yourself to other people's blogs and they to you there is reciprocal traffic everyone receives. Try to post comments on other people's blogs and invite comments on your posts. You can moderate them if you like which will require you to look over people's comments first and either reject or publish what they said. Remember the more you comment the more links you have out there for the spiders to pick up on.

The power of social networking can propel you forward very rapidly if you are diligent. Just do the little things daily and watch it snowball.

There's Still Barf On My Face Book Wall!

I thought maybe we could put a dint in this sucker but I was wrong. I thought if we did a podcast with Frank and Mike called "don't barf on my wall" that people would listen. Frank even did a video of the same title and posted it at you tube. It seems all our efforts may have been in vain.

Why you ask?

Because I'm still getting barfs on my face book wall everyday. They even show up in my inbox.
I'm weary of all this scrubbing and I'm out of cleaner.

What's a barf you ask? A barf is some one who posts an ad for their business on your wall the second they meet you. They don't bother to check your profile to see that you already have 2 businesses that you are working, or ask anything along the lines of getting to know you or offer something of value to you to start the friendship off.

No their first course of action is to barf an ad for their business on your wall.

It is kind of like meeting someone at a party who before they shake hands with you they throw up on your shoes. Aren't you charmed to meet them.

Or the telemarketers you slam the phone down on. Or the vacuum cleaner salesman you threw out of your house for being obnoxious.

So I posted this on my Face Book profile.."don't lead with your business..get to know people first" thinking I had finally come up with a slogan people would grab.

Maybe THIS would work I told myself.

Three people showed up and said they agree with me and said good things.

Then a fourth guy showed up, said he agreed too... and then he posted a barf on my wall for his business.

This is amazing I thought to myself.

Who taught people to do this? Are they getting results this way?

I'm starting to think it is some sort of barfing virus going around that has no cure.

Maybe there's a Face Book secret society that meets at midnight dressed in black hoods that circle a bonfire chanting "must barf on wall..must barf on wall". Yes a bunch of Face Book zombies who just can't help themselves.

I can always tell when I'm chatting to people when they are going to burp up their business on me. I haven't even asked them anything about their business but here we go. It's like I'm standing in front of them and I can see that queasy look on their face. "Look out..here comes a barf"

I don't know what to do to stop this tidal wave of puke coming at me from every direction.

Maybe I need to run across America like Forrest Gump. I'll call it the "Face Book anti-barf run". All the anti-barfers could join me and we could all get in shape at the same time. We could finish up at the White house and have some sort of focus group discussion.

Although I'm sure the president has better things to do.

Maybe I'm just going to have to face it. It never stops.

I'd ask you to pass this article around but your probably busy cleaning up barf off your own wall.

How to Take Your Face Book Marketing to a Deeper Level

I am going to assume some basics about your Face Book experience so far. There are lots of videos on Youtube out there on how to use Face Book for marketing so we'll say you have seen them and are up to speed somewhat.

I am going to assume you know how to set up your profile so that it looks professional. You have some pictures of your family and you talk about your interests and your pet peeves. You have been quite extensive on your favorite movies, music, books, sports and spiritual persuasion..etc

All of it designed to give people a glimpse of who you are.

Let's say your profile picture is not something foolish you were doing at a party or a cartoon . It actually looks professional and respectable.

I am going to presume you know how to add friends by typing in the search bar your target market or the type of people you want to know. You have been taught how to add 20 or 30 friends a day and are faithfully doing it growing your list.

You also understand that you can send out a broadcast message by using that box on your page to all your friends on what you are doing and you also occasionally ask people to join your business in this area too.

Let's assume you faithfully post on other people's walls because you were told this was the thing to do to get traffic to your page and your business.

Maybe you have even started your own group and have a large amount of people contributing to your group and sharing ideas with you.

Still people in your business are not coming in fast enough. What is it you are not doing?

The answer is so simple and obvious isn't it.

You forgot that social networking is a contact people sport. You forgot to take an interest in other people lives first before you rammed your business down their throats.

I can't believe how many people try to get me to join whatever they are doing without so much as a hello. Right off the bat I get a canned spam message about joining their business in my inbox immediately after I added them as a friend that morning.

When people engage in this I immediately send them to the bonehead file in my mind. I'll give them a little grace but if they continue to be STUPID I simply delete them as friends.

If I hear "you need more leads and you need more money in your pocket" one more time I am going to the kitchen to get a fork so I can stab myself in the EYE over and over.

So what is it you should be doing you ask.

Here's the deep secret all successful internet entrepreneurs know. Build your list..GET TO KNOW YOUR LIST..then and only then market to your list.

Take an interest in people and what they are about before you even mention your fabulous business you are working. Try to give people something of value to start with before they ever hear about your business.

You will be amazed how talking about trivial things and common interests produces results.

Personally I like to steer people to recent marketing videos I found interesting or send them a free e-book that was helpful.

The truth is only one out of ten people you talk to is ready to join your business. The other nine are already in one, or busy doing other things. Timing in your marketing is everything.

The best you can hope for is to make friends with people. Friends may help you down the line or steer you to someone who your business may be right for. Friends can contribute wisdom to you in many areas. Friends may be able to give you a heads up about a lot of things.

Enemies or people you ticked off because you spammed them will make sure they contribute to your demise. Face Book themselves will label you a spammer if you are too aggressive.

In conclusion I'd like to quote one of my favorite lines from "Fast times at Ridgemont high" when Sean Penn refused to wear his shirt in the restaurant and Judge Reinhold pointed to the sign that said "no shirt, no shoes ,no service" and then he said real slow..." READ it... Learn it..... Live it."

This quote is directed at those of you that are going to continue your business spamming ways.

Automated Lead Generation Systems Versus Social Network Marketing

I am always amazed at how fast things change in this world of technology we live in. Lately I have been thinking about all these lead generation programs one could join and if perhaps they are about to go the way of the dinosaur. I can't believe the people in this type of home business are doing that well and if they are I don't believe it will be for much longer.

I guess the question is to me is why do I need some lead capture page (or youtube video) bragging about how I generate leads? Then I'm supposed to advertise all over the net in the hope of attracting some poor deluded soul just because he happens to be bored and gullible enough one day to fill out his name and email and hand it over to me. Now I'm hoping he comes on board with me and my automated system. Why? So I can teach him to email people to death extolling the virtues of my automated lead generation system and how it is working for me generating me 100's of leads a week and making me rich.

There is only one problem with pushing a lead generation program.

What if my new sign up happens to watch the news? There has been countless stories lately on social network marketing.

What if he learns that face book has some 150,000,000 users or My Space an estimated 240,000,000 at last count. Then you got Friendsters, Direct Matches, Twitter..the list goes on.

What if he figures out he can open an account for free and establish a profile in either My Space or Face Book (or wherever) and even put links to his home business right on his page.

What if he could learn things about other people simply by looking at their profiles?

Then there is the chance that he might just figure out how to add friends to his friend list to the tune of 30 or 40 a day. All he would have to do is punch in the type of people he wants to add in the search bar and bang thousands at his fingertips just a click away. Then of course his friends will have friends who may want to add him. Suddenly his list is going upwards daily.

Then of course he may just notice the chat thing at the bottom of the page. Oh my goodness all my friends are online right now he discovers. What if he starts a conversation with them and starts talking about their businesses and a little about his.

Suddenly he can figure out who may want to look at his business and concentrate his efforts. He can even go to his friends profile and see the business they have or lack of one. Talk about who you may want to target or not target!

OK I am being a bit of a comedian here. My point is obvious or at least it should be to everyone.

Why do I need some insensitive system to generate leads for me when I have millions on Face Book or My Space that I can actually see what they are about before I ever even mention my business to them.

To me and a lot of people it is just far a superior way to bring people into your home business. No doubt some people are going to dislike me for saying all this and exposing that their thinking is most likely obsolete. I think they need a new business because leads are simply not a problem any more. At least to me. I hope you can see the writing on the wall.

Anyone who thinks that social network marketing doesn't work for business is just silly and I hope I have explained why.

Wow..Amazing New Home Business In 2009. 4 Things to Consider Before You Join!

Well here we are in the new year and no doubt you have the opportunity to join the latest online business in Pre-Launch. How about becoming a founding member so you can make $10,000 a month to start. How about never having to sign up anyone or do anything and still make a huge income. Could it be true?

I want to give you a bit of a heads up before you lose money because you didn't really think it through. Just in case you thought the internet was some sort of parallel universe where only sugar coated things can happen.

Of course I am having a bit of fun here making light of some of the catch phrases out there. The truth is the internet is a breeding ground for every scam imaginable. I hate to say it I have been suckered in more than a few times in my day. As a measuring stick if you write articles and you haven't lost at least 500 bucks to some program you are a rookie and don't have my respect yet. I dare not read your article because your turn is probably coming to be taken. Seeing how I have I am now qualified to speak on this.

Enough rambling! Without getting too negative here what should one do if one is pretty much new to the internet. Let's say you want to start a good online business but don't know what to look for.

Here are a few good common sense pointers before you join any program.

#1) Who is the CEO of the company you want to go into business with?

This is obvious but you would be surprised how often this gets overlooked. I actually joined a program once and then I googled the guy who owned the company and found out he was a major scam artist with a trail of angry people following him. Needless to say I dropped that business opportunity quickly and ran like a scalded dog.

It only takes a second to do a little background check on the person at the head of the program. If you can't email the guy and talk to him, or get an idea where he lives on the planet chances are he is trying to be elusive and is not someone who is capable of caring about your success in his company . You should be able to see and talk to the CEO of the company if they are worth your time and money.

2)Research the company goals and direction first.

How creative is the concept and timely for these economic times. Do they have a winning track record. Any past success you can look at as a benchmark. If they have a website click on "about us" or the "compensation plan". Reading the fine print can be enlightening. What looked like a lucrative pay plan may have a few qualifiers before they let you make any money.

3)What is their marketing strategy?

How do they plan to attract clients or affiliates. What is the target market? Do they have leads for you or are you on your own there? What does your back office look like and what kind of tools are there? What is your role and what do you do to keep business coming in?

It has been my experience that if they tell you that no work is involved for you to earn money then you'd be better off to stab yourself in the eye with a fork than join up. That's how it's going to feel anyway after you march along paying your monthly fees only to find out there is no "magic spillover" from the sponsors above you and you end up hundreds of dollars in the hole.

4)Who is the person introducing you?

How much experience do they have and can you talk to them. What interest do they have in your success. Can you pick up a phone and get help from them if you needed it? Maybe they just wanted to sign you up and are too busy to care about you. Getting to know your sponsor is never a bad idea ahead of time before you join.

So there you have it. Don't say I didn't warn you. If you can't be bothered to do these then there is a good chance you will lose money. Make a good choice with your new amazing online business.