My Cheating Wife. Email Told The Story

After 7 years of marriage you'd think I'd be beyond suspecting my wife of cheating. You'd think I wouldn't dare go reading her private email. It seems that's not the case at all. Maybe it is because she is such a little hottie most of me can't figure out what's she is doing with me anyway (scroll down the right of my blog for proof).

Oh sure I was handsome a few years back but lately at 46 I'm feeling not so attractive. She is 34 and in her prime. I know men are hitting on her daily.

So there I was snooping through this thing called facebook that she was a member of for some reason. I know her passwords so it wasn't that hard to gain access. Although I don't really get what it is all about it seems to me it's some kind of sleazy single site. Red flag number one.

Checking her inbox I read through a couple of her emails from her co-workers. Just looking for something incriminating I guess. But WAIT! Who is this Shane guy. It seems he is coming to town and wants to maybe meet her for coffee. I couldn't believe what I was reading. "It sounds like fun" she replied. Ooh... wasn't that SPECIAL!

I snooped a little further to see how long they had been communicating. I discovered he was single and having trouble meeting a good woman. My wife even offers some advice on how to go about it. Maybe she plans to be his good fortune. Getting really bugged now.

It seems they had been carrying on for months. Back and forth in email. " Love Shane" and "Love Ady" all over the place. Jealousy demons perked up on my shoulders and began to throw thoughts at me. "Talk about your smoking gun" and " your such a fool" they jeered.

I decided to print out every email and circle in pink felt pen all the troubling parts. I even added little comments like" I wonder what Doctor Phil would say about this". Then I would throw it in her face when she got home from work. Or maybe I would call her on her break which was coming up soon. Oh the drama of it all. What could she possibly say? I had the proof right there in black and white and pink. Part of me was into this although I felt like a sap for not picking up on this sooner.

The interesting thing was we were just about to move out of the place we were in as the landlord had sold and was wanting us out. Perhaps the timing was perfect for me to get a place of my own. I could start over I told myself. I had been through divorce before.

I thought about calling my lawyer for advice. A paper trail is important in divorce. I decided to first call her as it was now her break. After all if my life with her was over I needed to know now.

So I called her work. " Could I have Ady in the kitchen Please" I said. "One moment" the receptionist said. "Kitchen Ady speaking" "Oh hey honey how is it going" I said planning to start our usual conversation and then confront her with my revelation of what a TRAMP she was. " Oh not bad but it is so busy.. she went on for awhile about her co-workers.... Finally I interrupted and said "So honey I was reading your emails and I just want to know, who is this Shane guy" with a matter of fact tone in my voice as though I had just discovered a box of money in the attic or something.

There was silence for a bit.

"You were reading my emails" she said mildly protesting." My cousin Shane you mean"

"Oh your cousin" I said sheepishly " yea I told you about him, remember, what about him? " Never mind " I said " See you when you get home "

Like Solomon says in proverbs a wise man gets both sides of the story before he forms a conclusion.