A Good Time to Reinvent Your Business and Your Career

In today’s business and non-profit world, fast-moving and continual change is part of the equation. Inevitably, there will be challenges you face at work, in your profession, or in your life that may compel you to rethink what you are doing and how you are doing it. Transitions can be exciting and “fun”, but they are never easy. Most times everything happens more slowly and with more steps than you ever imagined. The best approach is to plan and think ahead, preferably over a period of time to solidify your thoughts and carry out your plan. Change is just another opportunity around the corner. Businesses and people need to change every 5-7 years. They need to grow a new branch on the tree or ignite a new interest, hobby, non-profit endeavor or passion. Here are 4 qucik steps to get you started.

1 Start a log book with dates and record your thoughts and aspirations. Even if some musings seem out of the box, record and date them. Make 2 or 3 entries weekly and take note of your progress and evolution as it happens. What changes do you want to make? Has your medium or long term vision changed?

2 Make a list of these groups and your role in them. Identify your role and contributions in past organizations that you have been involved with. Rank these in order of most fulfilling experiences. Describe conferences you have attended and what you learned from them. Is it time to reconnect with some of these groups or people?

3 Identify industries that are being changed by technology, globalization, consolidation, or obsolescence. Find out what is happening to smaller companies. Write down 5 opportunities that are emerging because of these opportunities. Are there trade shows or events for industries that you normally don’t attend coming up?

4 Develop a network of contacts to help you with this reinvention process.
Identify and engage key partners in the process. Share your thoughts and plans on a regular and periodic basis with colleagues, managers you admire in several companies, and a select group of family and friends. Have you set up a mastermind group or engaged a coach to be your sounding board? Are you accountable to anyone to make this process happen?

4 Adopt the REINVENT paradigm can provide the framework and help get you there faster and with better results ….Reach for more; Energize yourself; Investigate options; Never step back; Vision rules; Emphasize opportunities; Nurture your contacts; and your
Talents will emerge. More on this in another article.