Abby Marks Beale & Rev It Up Reading!

Abby is a pro. She has written 3 books and run hundreds of classes on how to read faster and more efficiently ( Now she is launching courses in NY and Boston this fall to teach you the proven techniques she had been sharing with large companies for over a decade. Be on the lookout for these excitng programs. Abby also has another claim to fame, as President of the Connecticut chapter of the National Speakers Association, she officially launched the full fledged NSA chapter in 2004.

Ted Fishman & China Inc, the bestseller

Ted Fishman, a new coaching client, ( has written a best-selling book called China Inc. - at one time #11 on the New York Times best seller list. He spent 2 years researching China and how the goings on over there are impacting the US, manufacturing in Wisconsin, farming in Illinois, major trends in china such as rural to city migration, piracy, competition and cultural issues to mention a few. It is an important read to frame and understand this all-encompassing relationship. I highly recommend the book. We just had a book club discussion and 6 members of the groups had lived in or visited China multiple times - very interesting back and forth on the future of this relationship with our partner and competitor!

TEC for CEOs

I have been in discussions with about chairing a group of CEOs. TEC works with over 11,000 CEOs in groups around the world. It has a very detailed and informative website with extensive resources for members. This would be an extension on my High Talent Creative group which provides a meaningful outlet for studying business models and cross fertilization of ideas. TEC companies are larger companies ($3-4 mil +) which gain from a shared review and the collective wisdom of a group of CEO confidents. TEC also has excellent knowledgeable speakers. There is also a group for Emerging Entrepreneurs that are smaller in size, but growing.