"NO THANKS" he said "I have a REAL JOB"

In this day and age should we have a home business or put all our confidence in the traditional good paying job?

I emailed a potential prospect the other day with an invitation to join me in my home business and he e-mailed me back. "No thanks"he said" I have a real job" boasting as though having and working a home business was foolish and a waste of time.

Well I have a real job too I thought to myself. I own my own window cleaning business. Although my window cleaning is very profitable I still have to be there to make it fly. If I don't go to work the money stops. I guess I could hire employees but why be bothered with that hassle.Yet still I am my own boss and I set my hours and to a certain extent my rate of pay. Personally I love the freedom it gives me. I can take any day off I want too. Far better than working for someone else.

So this guy has a " real job " What exactly does that mean I pondered. I say it means "Just Over Broke". You see the company tells him when to show up and when to go home. He trades hours for dollars. Usually 8 hours a day. They pay him what they decide and maybe he gets a 50 cent an hour raise every 6 months if he sticks with it but truthfully it is not enough to make ends meet.

Then of course they can lay him off if they want too or even fire him. But hey he likes the company benefits he pays for like medical, extended health, and maybe life insurance. At the end of his "working for someone else" career he gets a gold watch and a pat on the back. Maybe they throw him a retirement party or maybe not as they hand him his hat and coat on the way out the door. What then? Maybe he qualifies for a pension but it isn't enough to live on. He looks back on the years and his family and realizes he doesn't really know them because he was always working to get ahead. Getting ahead never happens though because the power was always on the employer's side. But hey he had a "real job"

Now let's look at a home business. The term residual income should be the key word here. That means it is money that comes in even if you stop working. Possibly it can still build as you can benefit from the work of others you have introduced to the company. This is called leverage. Leverage and residual income are terms Bill Gates is very familiar with.

So let's say you continue to work it a just few hours a day. It still has the potential to grow even bigger and here's the thing. With today's technology on the internet you don't have to do the old fashion thing of having silly meetings in your living room or making a list of your warm market and then bugging your relatives. No everything can be done by group mailers or voice dialers. Hardly the same as the old days.

I guess it is kind of like the flee in the jar syndrome. You can take the lid off but the flee never jumps out of the jar. Why? Because the flee has been trained that is as high as he can go. Most people would rather be the flee. Sad isn't it.

No it's not even an argument to me. Why not have a real job for a season and work a home business too. I think I would be a fool not to try to add another income especially when it only takes a few hours a day. My friend the flee can have his "real job" and put all his eggs in that basket if he wants too.