The Laws of Teamwork - Don't Forget Them

Creating a powerful team with everyone on the same page and going in the same direction will lead to growth and success.

The Laws of Teamwork and How to Use Them Effectively (Maxwell)

1 The Law of Significance – you can’t do it alone

2 The Law of the Big Picture – vision is everything

3 The Law of the Niche – people should be aligned in the right place at the right time

4 The Law of Mount Everest- the higher level you reach, the more teamwork you need

5 The Law of the Chain- there’s a TV show about this (The Weakest Link)

6 The Law of the Catalyst- traits of initiators are key and long-lasting

7 The Law of the Compass- sets direction and confidence for the team

8 The Law of the Bad Apple- attitude is everything

9 The Law of Countability- everyone has to do their job or else

10 The Law of the Price Tag- there can be a price to pay for not acting

11 The Law of the Scoreboard- how are you doing

12 The Law of the Bench- a deep bench almost always wins

13 The Law of Identity- the values of Home Depot are legendary

14 The Law of Communication- the 3 Cs are important to remember

15 The Law of the Edge- leaders make the difference

16 The Law of High Morale- 4 stages of morale and lots of roles to play

17 The Law of Dividends – investing in your team compounds over time

Teams are nurtured, molded, encouraged and reinforced. If they are knowledgeable and work together synergistically, great thing can happen – above and beyond what may be expected. Ideas adopted from The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork by John C. Maxwell and numerous other sources.