Scotland in September

We just spent 10 days in London and Scotland touring castles, visiting the Standing Stones, venturing out to Iona, the birthplace of Christianity on the west coast, and enjoying the people and ways of the Scots. We also played golf at several locations and stayed at Troon - one of golf's truly great settings. A visit to Turnberry revealed the history of that august club where Tom Watson (1977), Greg Norman (1986) and Nick Price (1994) won British Opens. It was beautifully photgraphed and recored.

One day my wife, Gwynne and I played in 45 mph winds along the coast - classic Scottish golf. The first 4 downwind holes were manageable, but when it started to rain fiercely coming back into the wind the going got rough. We relied on a very knowledgeable caddy, just like you might in small business, and we fought through 9 holes. Alas, the conditions were too much - after 9 the pants were soaked. After 10 holes the shoes were drenched, and after 11 we were bck in the clubhouse. It was the worst day of the year for the course. They dried our clothes, we had hot soup, and 2 days later we were back out on the course. Sometimes in your own business, you have to regroup; accept less, rethink, reenergize, adn then get back in the game.