Cruice Financial Organization (CFO) and Larry Kudlow

Cruice Financial Organization (CFO) ( reached new heights last night. I have been coaching the money management and financial planning firm for over 10 years. we have grown continually with more clients, better reporting and new technologies to better serve clients. Last night we had Larry Kudlow ( - journalist, author, TV show host, et. al. - speak to clients, partners and guests in a private dinner. It was a smash hit! He was insightful, eloquent, and very knowledgeable.
CFO also launched its new look, new key employees, and the coming Cruice Opportunity Fund. We planned and refined this event for over two months. Way to go Jay!

Ted Fishman's China Inc book

Before The Stamford CT Trade and Investment Conference last week I had dinner with chairman Gene Rostov and with Ted Fishman , the keynote speaker. (
Ted, an accomplished journalist, spent two years researching how China impacts every aspect and part of the US. He outlined 5 major issues and handled questions with great insights. The issues and discussion are front of mind, and we have scheduled a book club discussion to dig into the issues. Ted will be available by phone to give us further insights.
How big a competitor and partner is China? Is is similar to the Japan threat 25 years ago? How do we respond?

Reinventing your business

I recently hosted a webinar on Execunet ( on "Reinventing your business and your career." This is a constant challenge for any business owner ... even more pointedly with global competition, better educated consumers, rapidly changing technologies. etc. you get the idea.
I also was on Jim Blasingame's national small business radio show speaking about reinventing your business ( ; go to listen; archives; inspirational and motivational; dates
3/30/5 (and also 11/24/4).
This is a key topic for business owners. Listen and send in your thoughts.