Your Home Business. How not to be part of the 90% That Fail

Lately I have been running into a lot people here on Face Book that are being lead astray from the truth. Possibly because they haven't been on the internet very long. I thought maybe I would share a few of my thoughts on this being from the school of hard knocks.

The first thing you need to understand about the internet is that you are going to run into more exaggerated crap than you can shake a stick at. You can go ahead and sign up for everything if you want to and lose a lot of money like I did. I invite you however, to learn from my wounds instead.

I'm going to need you to go ahead and stop being enticed by companies that promise HUGE overnight success and you won't have to do a thing. "Just sit back" they say "it's all automated". Although most companies have some kind of autoresponders for you to fool around with this is not the issue.

I can't tell you how many opportunities I joined on impulse because I believed the testimonies or was told I wouldn't have to do anything. That the magic spillover ferry would stop by and visit me . "Every one is joining this so don't be left out" they warned. "Just get in on the ground level" I was advised.

The truth is that when you attract people that don't want to do anything guess what happens to your magic spillover and your perfect world scenario. It disappears because your upline was told they didn't have to do anything either. Not real hard to figure this one out but I went for it over and over. The fact is most companies don't teach people how to mentor at all. I shouldn't say all as there may be a few exceptions.

The question then becomes whether or not you can afford to stay in their program long enough to be in profit.

Most of my experience has been that the magic spillover ferry will be flying off into the sunset with your wallet looking back and winking at you with a smirk on his evil little face.

People need to stop thinking that they have to generate leads and be recruiters. You need to be a sponsor and a mentor. Is the system you are considering something easy to duplicate? In other words can you see your self doing it? Can you afford it? If the guy bringing you on board is full of greed and ego why is that a good thing? Chances are that's all he can show you how to be also.

If you want a name, an email, and a phone number of somebody who filled out a business opportunity capture page then join one of the free lead opportunities I have on my blog. You can have 1250 a week for nothing if you want. You can call them or email them with your business opportunity if this sounds like fun.

If you can stand cold calling and all that face to face rejection.
Not saying it doesn't work but most people I know would rather die than do this(my wife especially).

Load them into your autoresponder and see how many simply delete your email and block you from ever communicating with them again. You may have some success but probably it will be dismal. How do I know this? Because I did it for years. It is very ineffective and time consuming to say the least.

Eventually you will come to the conclusion "This ain't working" or as doctor Phil would say " how's that working out for you". The truth is people want to join people they know, like, and trust. They can't know you very well if all you do is email them can they now?

Very rarely will anyone sign up to your business just because they stumbled on your link in an email or clicked on your ad in Google adwords or a free classified ad. Ask yourself if you would do it? You probably deleted quite a few business opportunities emails today alone didn't you? Come on now..fess up!

If however you collect their name and email and then contact them in the hope of mentoring I guess I can understand that. I don't know why you don't just go to Face Book from the start where 235,000,000 leads are and start there for FREE? This is just been my experience to date and why I steer away from anything telling me I have to be positioned to get lots of clicks to my website. It is not the clicks that count but the follow up I do or rather the people skills I possess. Isn't it? Unless of course you just want to sign up a bunch of people take the money and run. Then maybe leading with your business is good.

The more I discover about social networking the more I understand that network marketing is not a sales game but a teaching and mentoring calling. If you don't get excited about someone else's success because of what you taught them then you are wrong for network marketing. Maybe you should move on to something else.