There's Still Barf On My Face Book Wall!

I thought maybe we could put a dint in this sucker but I was wrong. I thought if we did a podcast with Frank and Mike called "don't barf on my wall" that people would listen. Frank even did a video of the same title and posted it at you tube. It seems all our efforts may have been in vain.

Why you ask?

Because I'm still getting barfs on my face book wall everyday. They even show up in my inbox.
I'm weary of all this scrubbing and I'm out of cleaner.

What's a barf you ask? A barf is some one who posts an ad for their business on your wall the second they meet you. They don't bother to check your profile to see that you already have 2 businesses that you are working, or ask anything along the lines of getting to know you or offer something of value to you to start the friendship off.

No their first course of action is to barf an ad for their business on your wall.

It is kind of like meeting someone at a party who before they shake hands with you they throw up on your shoes. Aren't you charmed to meet them.

Or the telemarketers you slam the phone down on. Or the vacuum cleaner salesman you threw out of your house for being obnoxious.

So I posted this on my Face Book profile.."don't lead with your business..get to know people first" thinking I had finally come up with a slogan people would grab.

Maybe THIS would work I told myself.

Three people showed up and said they agree with me and said good things.

Then a fourth guy showed up, said he agreed too... and then he posted a barf on my wall for his business.

This is amazing I thought to myself.

Who taught people to do this? Are they getting results this way?

I'm starting to think it is some sort of barfing virus going around that has no cure.

Maybe there's a Face Book secret society that meets at midnight dressed in black hoods that circle a bonfire chanting "must barf on wall..must barf on wall". Yes a bunch of Face Book zombies who just can't help themselves.

I can always tell when I'm chatting to people when they are going to burp up their business on me. I haven't even asked them anything about their business but here we go. It's like I'm standing in front of them and I can see that queasy look on their face. "Look comes a barf"

I don't know what to do to stop this tidal wave of puke coming at me from every direction.

Maybe I need to run across America like Forrest Gump. I'll call it the "Face Book anti-barf run". All the anti-barfers could join me and we could all get in shape at the same time. We could finish up at the White house and have some sort of focus group discussion.

Although I'm sure the president has better things to do.

Maybe I'm just going to have to face it. It never stops.

I'd ask you to pass this article around but your probably busy cleaning up barf off your own wall.