Automated Lead Generation Systems Versus Social Network Marketing

I am always amazed at how fast things change in this world of technology we live in. Lately I have been thinking about all these lead generation programs one could join and if perhaps they are about to go the way of the dinosaur. I can't believe the people in this type of home business are doing that well and if they are I don't believe it will be for much longer.

I guess the question is to me is why do I need some lead capture page (or youtube video) bragging about how I generate leads? Then I'm supposed to advertise all over the net in the hope of attracting some poor deluded soul just because he happens to be bored and gullible enough one day to fill out his name and email and hand it over to me. Now I'm hoping he comes on board with me and my automated system. Why? So I can teach him to email people to death extolling the virtues of my automated lead generation system and how it is working for me generating me 100's of leads a week and making me rich.

There is only one problem with pushing a lead generation program.

What if my new sign up happens to watch the news? There has been countless stories lately on social network marketing.

What if he learns that face book has some 150,000,000 users or My Space an estimated 240,000,000 at last count. Then you got Friendsters, Direct Matches, Twitter..the list goes on.

What if he figures out he can open an account for free and establish a profile in either My Space or Face Book (or wherever) and even put links to his home business right on his page.

What if he could learn things about other people simply by looking at their profiles?

Then there is the chance that he might just figure out how to add friends to his friend list to the tune of 30 or 40 a day. All he would have to do is punch in the type of people he wants to add in the search bar and bang thousands at his fingertips just a click away. Then of course his friends will have friends who may want to add him. Suddenly his list is going upwards daily.

Then of course he may just notice the chat thing at the bottom of the page. Oh my goodness all my friends are online right now he discovers. What if he starts a conversation with them and starts talking about their businesses and a little about his.

Suddenly he can figure out who may want to look at his business and concentrate his efforts. He can even go to his friends profile and see the business they have or lack of one. Talk about who you may want to target or not target!

OK I am being a bit of a comedian here. My point is obvious or at least it should be to everyone.

Why do I need some insensitive system to generate leads for me when I have millions on Face Book or My Space that I can actually see what they are about before I ever even mention my business to them.

To me and a lot of people it is just far a superior way to bring people into your home business. No doubt some people are going to dislike me for saying all this and exposing that their thinking is most likely obsolete. I think they need a new business because leads are simply not a problem any more. At least to me. I hope you can see the writing on the wall.

Anyone who thinks that social network marketing doesn't work for business is just silly and I hope I have explained why.