I Hate Snow

Hey gang. It has been snowing forever up here in Kelowna and everything is buried under 3 feet of snow. I pretty much can't drive anywhere (except down to the mailbox to see if anybody loves me) because where I live unless the snow plows come by I'll never get out of my neighborhood even though I have semi good tires on my Mazda.

Well when I say semi good I mean they're all seasons but at least new. Yet when it snows like this I'm a little hooped. I can't go very far.

All I can do is hang around the house and wait for things to happen and gawk out my front window.

But hey I can watch some of my neighbors whip around the neighborhood in their big SUV's,Trucks and Hummers with their big snow tires. Burning donuts and grinning. I hate that.

And I can also watch people walking their dogs with big leashes( so they can poop on my lawn) and looking happy about it. I don't know what so fun about winter and dog walking. I hate this ritual too.

And shoveling my driveway. I must of done it 15 times in the last week. I need a bigger shovel and a new pair of gloves. For sure I have come to hate that.

And I'm pretty sure deer hate snow. There are quite a few roaming around my area. I saw one at six in the morning yesterday looking for something to eat. But everything is under 3 feet of snow. He went away hungry with a "this is pointless" look on his face.

And I'm pretty sure the police, ambulance attendants, and tow truck companies also hate snow. I've seen too many ugly accidents lately. Nothing funny about this.

And I'm starting to hate Christmas music. Especially Shania Twain and Celine Dion. They're both Canadian and so am I. So I can hate them if I want to. Shut up already both of you.

No I can't really think of anyone that likes snow. Except maybe skiers, snow board freaks, snow mobilers and ice fisherman,. And you guessed it. I hate them all too.

But maybe I'm getting a little stir crazy. Maybe I'm the grinch and this is "whoville" Maybe I should settle down and just be thankful for a house, food, hot coffee, Christmas lights,
my computer
, my guitar, my beautiful wife, my kids and my health.

But on second thought why does it have to SNOW so much. I hate snow!