Business Social Networks. What to do and what not to do

Business social networks are the latest rage that everybody is getting on board with. There is a right and a wrong way to use these sites and I want to touch on a few issues.

What these sites are not is a place for you to blast your ad daily to other contacts there. It doesn't seem to matter how many times this gets said there are still people that seem to want to send you canned business spam messages non stop. They even post to the forum discussion area of the site as though their business is some sort of a discussion. Stupid to the max!

Don't misunderstand me. Everyone is there to promote their business opportunity and we all know it. The fact of the matter is nobody signs up with somebody they don't even know. You should be there to actually get to know people and people should get to know you. If I were to go into business with you what could I expect from you along the lines of friendship and expertise.

It is actually exactly the same as the real world. I am much more likely to buy a product or service from someone I know and trust as opposed to salesman who jumps on me when I walk in the door.

The way to think of these sites is like a big party. You wouldn't walk up to people and say "Hey want to join my business" without even introducing yourself. You'd be the biggest jerk at the party.

All of the preceding chat may be a bit redundant so here is what I feel should be done to be successful.

#1) Daily invite others

New people are joining rapid fire and this is your chance to make a first impression. Just saying welcome and inviting them to be your friend is all that is necessary. Try to do at least 5 people a day. Read about them first. There may be some people you don't want or need to connect with.

#2) Comment on others blog posts

Showing genuine interest in other people's blogs is the key. Once again there seems to be people that want to blast their ad here. Stupid to the max again. Just be real and don't even comment if you don't really care about what they are saying. Although I think you should leave a hyperlink to your business somewhere in the comment. Truthfully I have learned a lot about marketing just by reading other established internet entrepreneurs thoughts.

#3) Ask questions about others

Go to their page and ask genuine questions about their business or family. Once again we are building relationships.

#4) Add videos to your page

Make your page as educational and interesting as possible. There are lots of people on Youtube that have a wealth of wisdom you can tap into. Download their video and put it on your site.

#5) Participate in groups and discussions

Set yourself a goal like I will post 5 intelligent comments to discussions today. Be consistent and once again hyperlink your business in your posts.

Success in home business is a matter of getting your presence about you and your brand out there on the web. What kind of reputation do you want? Remember bad reputations travel twice as fast as good ones.