Internet Marketing. What Does And Doesn't Work? Part 2

Welcome back to our discussion on my experience of internet marketing. I will assume you read my first article and we will pick up where I left off. I only will talk about things I have tried personally.

Blogs And Blog Comments

As I have written before about blogs the spider engines love to crawl them for content and you stand a much better chance of achieving higher rankings with a blog than a traditional website. Blogs are a lot like forums and allow you to become part of a community of others blogs with similar niches.

Commenting on other blogs and asking intelligent questions is an effective way to build back links to your blog. Only market yourself this way when you can be the solution to a question or problem posed by another blogger.

Having a "my blog network" list right on your blog front page will attract other bloggers to be a part of your network. Posting frequently to your blog will have the search engines visiting often. even pings your posts automatically for you to alert search engines of new content.


At one point I was faithfully blasting out ads to so called millions of opt in subscribers that were supposed to be out there hungry to join my program. That was until I was able to track hits to my affiliate link. I discovered that this yielded not even one hit after a week of blasting. Need I say more?

Free Classified Ads

Although some people say they have had good response from this method this has not been my experience. I got some response from people trying to sell me on the program or marketing method they were in but no real interest in my program.

Free For All Listings

A complete waste of time. Being found in these can actually hurt you in the search engines. Slap yourself if you are doing these presently and cease immediately.

Forum Marketing

I have had good success with forums as they allow you to have a signature box at the bottom of all your posts. To join these go to and you will find lots. Faithfully make a few posts to these with intelligent questions or comments daily and watch your hits to your links climb.

Article Marketing

Of course article marketing is the most effective way of building a web presence there is on the net. This is because people primarily use the internet for information. It took me years to discover this. It doesn't take long to learn how to write articles if you have a little motivation. Submitting articles to article directories is the wisest move you can make.

Concentrate on the big ones like Ezine Articles and Article Base. A lot of people are intimidated by this because they think they can't write. As the saying goes if you can make a grocery list you can write an article. Once you get going instead of submitting manually you can get some article submission software which allows you to submit much quicker. Writing is a learned skill and what you should do is get a mentor and you'll be off to the races in no time.

So I hope this helps you in your internet marketing. All comments or questions welcome.